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THANK YOU for visiting Since 2000, Business Proofreading has provided specialized proofreading services to businesses and individuals, including publishers, novelists, advertising copywriters, marketing agencies, ghostwriters, hobbyists, and other wordsmiths.

Our two ultimate goals are based in quality control and improvement: 1) to create a final product where your message has no distractions, therefore reaching your intended audience efficiently and effectively, and 2) to enhance your credibility and professionalism in your readers' eyes.

Although each project is different, three elements never change when you work with
  • Excellence: the importance of focusing on quality, attention to detail, and accuracy
  • Consistency: the proven track record of being dependable and constant in words, actions, and timely execution
  • Skills: the expertise to excel in proofreading, copyediting, typesetting, communication, computer/math aptitude, and following distinct standards, procedures, and instructions

With our proofreading services, you choose to invest in your ongoing success by:
  • polishing your content but still maintaining your style, voice, and authenticity
  • delivering your brand and message with confidence and clarity
  • avoiding costly mistakes that could ultimately affect your reputation and/or finances
So, before you decide to print, publish, post, or distribute, be sure your words are at their very best and represent you well. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it count.

Committed to your success!

Cathy Kessler
Owner of


REGARDLESS OF WHAT you write, the words you deliver – and the impact they hold – make or break your image.

the words you deliver

the impact they hold

make or break your image

Even though the information you provide is first rate, the fact that errors are present severely detracts from the primary focus of your writing. That's why proofreading services can be an invaluable benefit to help you portray a truly professional brand message whether you are introducing yourself to someone for the first time or maintaining your professional identity. provides a final set of eyes to review your words – not to rewrite your entire work.
You are the creator and the writer (focusing on the macro picture); we are the proofreading experts (concentrating on the micro elements).

Our promise

Preserve your genuine style and the essence of your content during the proofreading process

Fine-tune and make necessary corrections and enhancements to your copy

Watch for consistency in language usage, style elements, formatting, and graphic design

Deliver your proofread materials in a timely manner within your budget

RATES. Quotes are provided on a per-job basis depending on the scope and details unique to each project.

BACKGROUND. Cathy Kessler is the owner of Proofreading has always come naturally to Cathy. In addition to being a proofreading expert, Cathy is also a Certified Professional Virtual Assistant. Her other business, focusing on administrative assistance, was founded from her love to help others achieve their goals. By providing courteous, professional, competent help to business owners, Cathy fulfills not only her own dreams, but those of others as well. While Cathy enjoys her work as a virtual assistant, her true passion, expertise, and life's purpose is the specialty of proofreading. And thus ... exists to help you succeed time and time again.

Ask Yourself

WRITTEN COMMUNICATION is a vitally important part of your business and personal life. That's why proofreading services are invaluable. If your message doesn't come across clearly and if your grammar, spelling, and flow aren't superior, something will be lost. Perhaps you'll lose sales because prospective customers perceive you as unprofessional. Perhaps you won't get the result you desired from potential publishers. So, before you send, or print, another written piece of communication, ask yourself these questions:

  • How serious am I about my business and my writing?
  • How do I feel when others find and point out my errors?
  • How can I view this piece with fresh, objective eyes?
  • How can I stand out from others in my field?
  • How can I take my writing to the next level?
  • How consistent are my style and formatting details?
  • How committed am I to investing in my success?
  • How do I want to be perceived by my prospects, customers, and colleagues?

Proofreading can provide the confidence and professionalism you need when presenting your written words. It is the final step in the creative writing process that can make all the difference in the world.


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