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Ask Yourself These Questions About Business Proofreading Services...

Written communication is a vitally important part of your business life. That's why business proofreading services are invaluable. If your message doesn't come across clearly and if your grammar, spelling, and flow aren't superior, something will be lost. Perhaps you'll lose sales because prospective customers perceive you as unprofessional. Perhaps you won't get the result you desired from potential publishers. So before you send, or print, another written piece of communication, ask yourself these questions about copyediting and proofreading services:

  • How do I want to be perceived by my prospects, customers, and business colleagues?
  • How serious am I about my business and my writing?
  • How do I feel when finding errors after a brochure, book, or newsletter has been printed?
  • How can I view this piece with fresh, objective eyes?
  • How can I stand out from other authors and writers?
  • How can I take my writing to the next level?
  • How consistent are my style details?
  • How accurate is my text when cross-referencing?

    Copyediting can provide the confidence and professionalism you need when presenting your written words.

    Business Proofreading
    Business proofreading allows you to submit your proposals, brochures, advertising copy, autoresponder messages, presentations, books, ebooks, and other written, business pieces with confidence.
    Proofreading Services
    Proofreading services can make your written works more professional. Whether you are submitting manuscripts for possible acceptance, or writing articles or white papers for publication in magazines or ezines, proofreading services can make all the difference.
    Internet Proofreading provides Internet proofreading for your convenience. Simply email your project, and I'll email the completed version back to you. Internet proofreading allows for fast turnaround times on all your copyediting projects.

    For a firm quote on your next project, simply use the Contact form to request rates. Proofreading and copyediting are vital elements of any writer's craft. It would be my pleasure to help you present the most professional image possible.

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