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Who Needs Copyediting and Business Proofreading Services? | The Business Proofreading Relationship

Regardless of what you write, the words you deliver – and the impact they hold – make or break your image. Even though the information you provide is first-rate, the fact that errors are present severely detracts from the primary focus of your writing. That's why copyediting and proofreading services can be an invaluable benefit.

Who Needs Copyediting and Business Proofreading Services?

Publishers – It's amazing (and embarrassing) how many books and periodicals contain typos. Before you take your publication to print, ensure it is of the highest quality by enlisting proofreading services from
Novelists & Writers – Proofreading services are absolutely vital. I can help you ensure that you hold prospective publishers' attention, and show them you are a true professional.
Advertising Copywriters – Nothing strikes fear in the heart of copywriters more than finding mistakes after going to print. Copyediting and proofreading services give you the ability to deliver final versions with confidence.
Ghostwriters – Proofreading services give you a polished presentation that allows your clients to focus on the story, not the errors.
Business Professionals – If you write letters, business plans, website copy, or any other type of correspondence, copyediting and business proofreading can ensure you portray a truly professional image.
Others – For those hobbyists who have special interests and write ebooks, books, articles, etc., proofreading services can help you confidently reach your target audience.

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The Business Proofreading Relationship

Business proofreading and copyediting are my specialties. I understand the business proofreading relationship and know my job is to offer copyediting suggestions – not to rewrite your entire work. You are the writer, and I am the provider of proofreading services. As such, I promise I will:
  • preserve your style and the essence of your content during the business proofreading and copyediting process,
  • make necessary changes for grammar, spelling, and any other aspects you request, and
  • deliver your proofread materials in a timely manner.
For a firm quote on your next project, simply use the Contact form to request rates. Proofreading and copyediting are vital elements of any writer's craft. It would be my pleasure to help you present the most professional image possible.

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